Kemper Tools

Kemper Large Ball Stylus


Use for large dots and smooth lines in clay. Also can be used for embossing on soft metal and paper.


Kemper Clean Up Tool


To do trimming, clean-up work, designs, detail and more. Made from high quality stainless steel, sharp double edged blade.


Kemper Steel Scraper #4


Steel Scraper #4

For shaping, smoothing, and trimming. Made from thin flexible stainless steel.


Kemper Large Soft Finishing Rubber


Large and soft, this rubber is used to smooth, shape and finish clay pieces. Made from pliable rubber.


Kemper 3/8" Pattern Cutter Set


Just like cookie cutters - with a spring release!


Kemper Mini Ribbon Sculpting 'N Fine Detailing Set


Mini tools for small detailing, sculpting and trimming. Can also be used with wax, bread dough, plaster and other modeling mediums.