Extruders, Ovens & Machines

Ultimate Clay Extruder


The clay gun extruder has many uses. With the 20 disc designs you can create many different embellishments for your projects.
The round discs are for vines, stems, borders, and letters.
The screen discs are for hair, grass, straw and floral stamens.
The flat slot discs are for weaving baskets, lattice, ribbons and bows.åÊ
The square, triangle, half round discs are for bricks, logs, borders, and can be cut and used for small beads.

Sculpey Extruder


This indispensable tool has 19 interchangeable discs for making leaves, clovers, rope, braid, bricks, tubes, grass, hair and more! Made from top quality die-cast steel, this extruding tool provides a simple way to add attractive textural details to your polymer clay projects! The tool disassembles into three parts for easy cleanup with soap and water.


Clay Conditioning Machine


Whether you‰ۡó»re creating a simple project or a complicated masterpiece, the Clay Conditioning Machine will help make the creating process easier.

Perfect for improving pliability, creating flat sheets or various thickness to use with cutters or for caning, creating color blends or adding texture.

The Clay Conditioning Machine is loaded with features: 9 different thickness settings, non-skid feet and c-clamp.

  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel rollers
  • No plating on the rollers like other machines on the market
  • Smoother Rolling of clay
  • High quality keyed gearing system for a more durable machine


Ultimate Clay Machine


Ultimate Clay Machine
  • Sturdy chrome-plated steel construction.̴Ì_
  • Can be used with all types of clay.̴Ì_
  • Extra wide 7‰̢ۡÌâ? (180mm) rollers.̴Ì_
  • Non-stick roller surface.̴Ì_
  • Nine thickness settings.̴Ì_
  • Settings conform to clay industry standards (#1 setting produces thickest sheets of clay, #9 setting produces thinnest sheets of clay).̴Ì_
  • Optional motor.
General Uses:
  • Conditioning clay
  • Rolling clay into sheets of uniform thickness
  • Mixing two or more colors of clay
  • Faster and easier blending of acrylic paints into air-dry clays
  • Creating gradient color blends


Polymer Clay Oven


Please be advised that this item is currently out of stock with our supplier. We anticipate it being back in stock in mid May 2018. Our apologies for this inconvenience. 

This handy counter top polymer clay oven is perfect for warming or baking polymer clays or any craft product requiring heat up to 300 degrees (149 degrees C).

It includes a 30-minute timer to prevent over-baking and instruction book.
The Polymer Clay Oven is a much more efficient way to bake polymer clay than the energy used by a home oven.
Capacity is 540 cu. in. and it operates on standard household current.
Outside dimensions:15" wide x 7" high x 8" deep. Inside dimensions: 11" wide x 5" high (tray to top) x 7 1/2" deep
IMPORTANT: DO NOT put craft items in a cold oven. Always preheat oven. Polymer clay, as well as other craft products that require heat, cure best when baked in a properly preheated oven. Place an oven thermometer inside the polymer clay̴Ì_oven. Preheat by turning the temperature dial to 265 degrees and the timer dial to 20 MINUTES. When the bell rings indicating the oven is preheated, check the oven thermometer to verify that the oven is at the correct temperature. Place craft project(s) onto an index card or larger piece of card stock. Place all onto the wire rack and close the door.

Ultimate Clay Machine Motor


Attaches to the Ultimate Clay Machine in 3 Easy Steps - No Tools Needed