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Polymer Clay for Beginners

  • What Is Polymer Clay?
  • What Can I Do With Polymer Clay?
  • What Kind Of Polymer Clay Do I Want?
  • Can I Mix Clays?
  • What Cautions Should I Take When Working With Clay?
  • How Should Polymer Clay Be Stored?
  • What Is "Conditioning"?
  • How Do I Bake Polymer Clay?
  • Can I Paint Polymer Clay?
  • What Does A Pasta Machine Have To Do With Clay?
  • What Do I Need To Begin?

Getting Started with Polymer Clay

  • Polymer Clay
  • Work Surface
  • Conditioning And Rolling
  • Cutting
  • Special Tools
  • Clean Up

Polymer Clay Instructions

  • Types Of Clay
  • Conditioning Clay
  • Mixing Colors
  • Technique Glossary

 FAQs about Polymer Clay

  • What Is Sculpey Clay?
  • Is Sculpey Safe For Food?
  • Is Sculpey Clay Waterproof?
  • Can You Paint On Polymer Clay?
  • How Do You Make Polymer Clay Jewelry?
  • Is The Clay Toxic?
  • What's The Difference Between Sculpey III, Premo And Souffle?
  • Can I Mix Different Clays? How About Different Brands?
  • Will The Finished Product Withstand Sunlight In A Garden?
  • How Do I Prevent Cracking And Breaking?

How to Bake Sculpey Clay

Animal Paw Prints from Clay

Polymer Clay Community