Choose your clay in a size that works for you

Looking for what clay to use for your paw prints? We recommend Sculpey III clay, as it our softest clay and comes at the lowest cost. You can buy Sculpey 2 oz. bars (enough for about one paw print). We also have 8 oz. bars, 1 lb. bars, and 24 lb. blocks all in select colors. Ordering clay in higher weights decreases your cost per oz. and can also save you the hassle of storing lots of small bars of clay.

Overall, our recommendation is Sculpey III clay in 24 lb. blocks for facilities that do a large volume of paw prints.

Recurring Orders for Vets

At Polymer Clay Superstore, you have the option of setting up a recurring order, to save time, money, and hassle.

With recurring orders you'll get:

  • Automatic placement of orders, so you don't have to remember.
  • Your choice of how often you want to receive the selected products.
  • Your choice of what products you want to receive.
  • Our lowest sale price of $1.79 on all Sculpey III bars, or $125 on Sculpey 24 lb White, on all of your orders (regardless of whether we're currently having a sale).

To take advantage of this offer, you must fit these criteria:

  • Set up your recurring order for every six weeks or less
  • Each order must be a minimum of $100

If you have an interest in placing a recurring order or any questions about the process, use our contact form to let us know, and we'll help you choose the products and frequency that work for you.