Ultimate Clay Machine


  • Sturdy chrome-plated steel construction
  • Can be used with all types of clay
  • Extra wide 7" (180mm) rollers
  • Non-stick roller surface
  • Nine thickness settings
  • Settings conform to clay industry standards (#1 setting produces thickest sheets of clay, #9 setting produces thinnest sheets of clay)
  • Optional motor.
General Uses:
  • Conditioning clay
  • Rolling clay into sheets of uniform thickness
  • Mixing two or more colors of clay
  • Faster and easier blending of acrylic paints into air-dry clays
  • Creating gradient color blends

Invest in your art!  Add the Ultimate Clay Machine Motor to your machine, for hands free operation, consistent thickness, and time saved!  Click here to see the Ultimate Clay Machine Motor (purchased separately, not included with the Ultimate Clay Machine).

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