Best Jewelry-Making Tutorials

Premo! Stamped Beads (Amy Koranek)



Sculpey Souffle Spumoni Swirl Bracelet (Amy Koranek)


Souffle Carved Leaf Bracelet (Syndee Holt) 



Sculpey III Lace Cane Earrings (Amy Koranek)



 Premo! Stained Glass Pendant (Christi Friesen)



Premo! Sculpey Christmas Ornament Bracelet (Amy



 Original Sculpey Fossil Bracelet


Premo! Sculpey Queen of Hearts Earrings (Amy



Sculpey Souffle Latter Cluster Bead Necklace
(Syndee Holt)



Premo! Galaxy Beads (Jenny Bezingue)



Premo! Frosty Snowflake Mica Shift Pendant
(Gretchen Amberg)



 Mokume Gane Hollow Bead Pendant

(Gretchen Amberg)




Premo! Sculpey Mokume Gane Double Pendant
Necklace w/ Ice Resin Finish (Amy Koranek)



 Sculpey Souffle Winged Heart Cutter Project

(Syndee Holt)



 Sculpey Initial Cane and Pendant (Patti Kimle)



Premo! Mossy Covered Beads (Syndee Holt)



 Premo! Faux Paper Triangle Beads (Amy Koranek)



 Premo! Natasha Technique Bracelet (Amy Koranek)



 Premo! Shawl Pin (Iris)



 How to Make Swirl Beads (Amy Koranek)



Sculpey Project: Mica Shift Pendant (Amy Koranek)