Feel/Colors Finish After Curing/Durability Ideal For Conditioning What Makes Me Different?

Sculpey III

Soft, Many Color Options Available Matte, Bisque Type, Least Strong of Sculpey Clays Children, Adults, Hobbyists, Figurines, Jewelry, Home Decor, Millefiore Canes Easy to Condition, Easy to Use with Pasta Machine I can be used by anyone and my low price makes me a great choice for those starting out with clay!


Slightly Stiffer than Sculpey III, Many Color Options Available Natural, Satin, Can be Sanded to Semi-Gloss, Second Strongest Sculpey Clay Clay/Jewelry Artists, For Projects Placed Outdoors; Best Sculpey Option for  Small, Fragile Projects Slightly stiffer than Sculpey III, but still easy to condition. I was developed as a result of artists' ideas of the perfect polymer clay! I come in lots of beautiful shades including metallic and pearlescents!


Lightweight, Airy, Multiple Color Options Suede, Strongest Sculpey Clay Jewelry Artists, For Advanced Techniques Such as Mokume Gane, Bargello and Caning Lightweight, Requires Little to No Conditioning I am strong, self supporting, and do not crack in large pieces. I have an interesting feel and finish different from my Sculpey cousins.

Original Sculpey

Looks and Feels like Ceramic Clay, Available in White, Granite and Terra Cotta Bisque, Third-Least Strong of Sculpey Clay Classrooms, Veterinary Offices, Those Looking for an Economical Choice Soft, Requires Little to No Conditioning I am great for school art projects or for beginner sculpting.

Super Sculpey

Softest of the Sculpting Clays, Also Available in a Medium Blend (firm & super sculpey) and Firm, Available in Gray and Semi-Translucent Beige Ceramic-like, Shatter and Chip Resistant Sculptures Looking to Create Fine Details (Firm), Sculptures and Doll Artists (Super Sculpey and Super Sculpey Medium) Super Sculpey - Soft, Requires Little Conditioning; Medium - Easily Conditioned; Firm - Requires More Conditioning Super Sculpey has a semi-transluscent, flesh look after baking. Super Sculpey Medium is a blend soft enough to condition, firm enough to hold its shape. Super Sculpey Firm's gray color allows photographers and sculptors to see the finest details. Firm has none of the blurring and blending found in other clays.

Super Sculpey Living Doll

Soft, Available in 3 Skin Tone Colors, Beige, Light and Baby Semi-Translucent, Skin Tone Look, Strong and Durable Doll Artists (this was made for you!), Sculptures Easy to Condition I was specially designed for doll-making! Lines easily disappear to create a realistic skin look.

Fimo Soft

Soft, Pliable Matte Great for Beginners, Amature Artists and DIY Crafters Easy to Shape With Little to No Conditioning I am a descendent of the very first modelling clay that could be hardened in the oven. Initially created to hold fine details for doll-makers, I am easy to manipulate and great for all levels of skill. 

Fimo Effect

Soft, Pliable Matte Great for Adding a Whole New Dimension to Projects! Make Jewelry and Objects Sparkle, Shine & Glisten with Realistic Effects.  Easy to Shape With Little to No Conditioning I bring shine and shimmer to your projects to create interesting effects. I have lots of wonderful options such as, metallic, glitter, pastel, pearl and more!

Fimo Leather Effect

Soft, Pliable Leather-like, Strong, Pliable Any Project Where You Are Looking for A Leather-Look. Easy to Shape With Little to No Conditioning I look and feel like leather! After I have been baked, I can be cut, sewn, punched or embossed!

Kato Clay

Firm Very Durable Flowers, Caning, Jewelry, Home Décor and Model Making. No Squish When Slicing Canes. Firm, Some Conditioning May Be Required I was created by an artist, for artists. My colors do not shift when baking like some other clay brands.