Professional Clay Tools


Stamp; mark; texture; cut; brand and more with this great tool set!
This twenty-seven piece set includes everything you need to add special and unique touches to all of your clay projects.
This package contains a handy plastic tool box with a transparent hinged lid and three large compartments with ten movable separators

  • Two 5-1/2-inch aluminum double-ended handles
  • Three 1-1/2-inch cutting wheels: straight; large wave and short wave
  • Three sphere points: 6-millimeter; 8-millimeter and 10-millimeter
  • Three point tips: fine; rounded and medium
  • Nine specialty tips: feather point; star; moon; dart board; stencil; shading; lines; dot point and script
  • Two assembly heads
  • Three texture points: smooth; large scallop and small scallop
  • One 1-1/8-inch cutting tip
  • One small plastic storage hanging tube.

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