Art Makers: Polymer Clay for Beginners


Art Makers: Polymer Clay for Beginners by Emily Chen

Inspiration, techniques, and simple step-by-step projects for making art with polymer clay.

With Polymer Clay for Beginners, crafters, hobbyists, and artists of all skill levels can learn to work and play with this enjoyable, easy-to-use sculpting material.

Learn how to make animal charms, flowers, cookies, beads, cakes, and much more with approachable step-by-step projects perfect for beginning artists; then discover how your finished pieces of art can be used, worn, and gifted! A detailed tools and materials section, as well as techniques for mixing, baking, glazing, and troubleshooting, help guide crafters in their quest to become talented polymer clay art makers.

And because it requires only baking - not a kiln - polymer clay makes a perfect, accessible art form for crafty types looking to make adorable, whimsical artwork in minutes!

Paperback, 128 pages, Full Color Illustrations

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