Papa's Clay - White, 2.65 oz.


Papa’s clay is the exciting result of one man’s dream to create a polymer product unlike any before. With the combination of his background as a professor and technologist with his dedication and study of polymers, a new type of modeling clay was born. To this day the company continues to strive to offer products that are ecological and safe for use by even the youngest artists, while providing the flexibility to be used for many applications and by many different artists and professionals.

  • Enjoy the ease of working with polymer clay that quickly softens when warmed in the hand alongside the interesting texture and resistance to picking up dirt/ dust or fingerprints.

(At Polymer Clay Superstore we have found that this clay can be softened for use even by those of us whose hands are colder than a snowman’s.)


  • This clay is non-toxic, gluten free and is without odors or allergens.


  • Colors mix beautifully to create endless shades and possibilities. Color does not change during baking.


  • Can be used with wood and wire as base materials.


  • Forms and shapes stay put and are strong out of the oven. After hardening, clay can be further shaped with a chisel, scalpel, file, or sandpaper.


  • Clay retains incredible flexibility after hardening without losing strength.


  • Need to add multiple layers? This clay can be baked over and over.


Instructions for Use:

  • Roll a piece of Papa’s clay and knead gently until it is shapeable.
  • Always work with clean hands on a clean surface.
  • Shape clay using any of a wide variety of tools such as spatulas, rolling pins, knives etc.
  • Any home oven is suitable for hardening.
  • Preheat oven at 265 F / 130 C
  • Depending on size of model and thickness of walls, the hardening process takes approximately 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Do Not Use in a microwave oven.

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