Original Sculpey -- Grey, 24 lb.


Sculpey Original Grey 24 lb.
As America's first oven-bake clay, Original Sculpey has been in the hands of kids, parents and teachers for generations. With its soft texture, easy clean-up and lasting strength, Original Sculpey has been a favorite for just as long. After baking, it can be sanded, drilled, carved and painted with water-based acrylic paints or Sculpey Glazes.
  • Soft and easy to sculpt

  • Most economical clay which makes it perfect for school and art projects!

  • Stays soft until you bake it in your home oven

  • Perfect for building a sculpture in sections as you can rebake until your masterpiece is complete!

  • The clay takes acrylic paints beautifully

  • Perfect for use with armatures

  • After baking, it can be sanded, drilled, or carved

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